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Point Pelee Chrysanthemum

Point Pelee Chrysanthemum
Point Pelee is a majestic bicolored red and yellow daisy,
a significant improvement on Pelee and other
red bicolors in the chrysanthemum market.
Plant form is fuller than Pelee with more flowers.

Color is strikingly distinct, even under the cool fluorescent
light found in many floral departments.

Point Pelee is an outstanding choice of color for the fall season.

Color, Form and Habit:
Intense red and yellow daisy petals surround a tight green disk with no pollen
shed. The strong contrast is very appealing to the eye with
the very best red color shine seen in fall and winter.

Flower form is classic daisy and is maintained as flowers age.

Point Pelee produces a full well-rounded habit with numerous
flowers and a very good keeping quality.


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